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Kwasi Hope Agyeman

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Kwasi Hope Agyeman

Kwasi is a content creator focusing on history of the Black Diaspora. 


Why did you join the B-Thrive movement?

As a travel historian, I understand the importance of connecting different communities. The B-Thrive organization is an opportunity to connect with others and share the hidden history of the Black diaspora.


How do you impact the Black community?

My work focuses on raising awareness on how past events still impact the Black community today. The goal is to help people better understand how to address current challenges.


How do you envision a thriving black community?

Knowledge is power. Every community needs knowledge of self which includes understanding how past events impact our current reality. A thriving Black community starts with organized work towards liberation from mental chains. This can be done through community resources such as B-Thrive that can lead to further outreach efforts.

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