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Tant que je serai noire


Tsiporra is a content creator with a focus on maternity and lifestyle.


Why did you join the B-Thrive movement?

I joined B-Thrive because I wanted to be part of this beautiful movement. Being Black is an experience that only Black people from everywhere can understand.


How do you impact the Black community?

I impact Black community by talking about topics black people don’t usually like to talk about, such as Black women's desire and non desire for maternity.


How do you envision a thriving black community?

I envision a thriving black community like in the movie “Insecure”. People living their lives like normal people, no need to be perfect, just be human and thrive everyday.

Tsippora also hosts a French podcast. She talks about the parenting pressure Black women can face.

Read more about Tsippora and her podcast here!

Un super podcast qui vient bousculer les "codes" du desir ou non d'etre parent. Des beaux temoignages qui soutiennent les femmes noires dans leur prise de decisions.

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