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Dagny zenovia


Dagny is an Afrofuturistic content creator and is currently creating an African fashion brand. 

Why did you join the B-Thrive movement?

I joined the B-Thrive movement because I have been seeking a community of like-minded people who understand the nuances that are required for a true revolution and evolution to change our reality and do not subscribe to ranting and hype. I appreciate their commitment to creating an education social platform that caters to wholesome dialogue and community.


How do you impact the Black community?

Currently, there are two things I am working on that I am excited about:

  • I created my blog Dagny Zenovia in 2010. Fast forward to now, from showcasing Afrofuturistic stories and fashion, documenting my journey as a Diasporan living and working in Ghana, and discussing the balance between peaceful mindsets and activism

  • I am also developing a lifestyle fashion brand made in Africa that is ethical, sustainable, and size-inclusive. Fusing ancient African script with Afrofuturism, my brand celebrates Africa and its Diaspora through exquisite style, magical stories, and wholesome community.

How do you envision a thriving black community?

I envision a thriving Black community including the Wakanda mindset, Anansi the spider wisdom, Malcolm X audacity, Toni Morrison and N. K. Jemisin imagination, and “The Spook Who Sat By The Door” strategy. Individually and collectively taking back our power. Creating and protecting safe spaces for us to thrive and shine. Healing the destruction our people all over the world have suffered for too long. Singing as high as we want, dancing as long as we want, and laughing as loud as we want. Cultivating a wholesome community where we all feel heard, understood, and loved. 

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Dagny Zenovia

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