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Do you think civilization and technology were present 120,000 years ago? The answer is probably a big no.

120,000 years ago is a long time and people that lived then had nothing like technology or the brain to start manufacturing things that will bring about civilization. But what if I told you that these people who lived then were able to make clothes and also owned Brewery.

Recently an amazing discovery was made by Archeologists in Africa. They found a cave containing leather, fur, and bones shaped into tools. These tools were believed to be used to cut leather and fur into garments.

The cave was found in Contrebandiers Cave in Morocco in the town of Témara, it is the oldest cave ever seen by Archeologists that shows evidence of clothing materials. This cave is located in Africa.

Our ancestors were smart people who did things that no other race did at that time. Cloth-making is also not the only evidence showing that civilization began in Africa. Breweries were also discovered by Archeologists in Abydos located in Egypt. This brewery is about 5,000 years old showing that beer production was already ongoing in Africa a long time ago.

Isn't this amazing, all this evidence brought forward by Archeologists about the amazing things that started in no other place but Africa, it really is such a big deal.

When some races were working around without clothes our ancestors had clothes on. These are things about our history we need to talk about, the things our ancestors were able to achieve that other people are trying to claim just to make us look inferior when deep down they know that we are pioneers in most fields.

Black people have contributed so much to modernizing this world and it didn't just start today, it started 120,000 years ago with our ancestors.

Dr. Emily Hallett, of the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Germany, said the work strengthened the belief that early humans in Africa were creative and smart.

"The tools made out of bones found there were believed to be tools that detach connective tissues from hides and other animal skin to produce leather and fur," said Emily Yuko, a researcher involved in this study.

This is a different way of making food out of animals, it tallies with how clothes are made from animal skin which supports the belief that Africans were already civilized enough and knew the importance of clothing in a time like that.


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