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B-Thrive: Why we started?

We believe our greatness, and royalty are INHERENT. Our only task is to reclaim and embody our excellence, to come together, and remember.

Where do you turn to find African knowledge? When you find it, who are predominantly the authors of Black & African History?

We noticed some inherent issues that needed to be tackled such as:

  1. History Disruption

  2. Changing the narrative of Black history

  3. Breaking the generational curses caused by historic disruption

  4. Unlearning the Black history told by others

  5. Lack of access to the Black History

  6. Black history explained by one side only

  7. Not enough tools to connect to our African roots and access to Black/African knowledge

  8. Economical, social and psychological effects

  9. Psychological effect: Inferiority complex, identity crisis, traumas and anxiety that leads to high emotional unbalance

  10. Economical effects: Unequal opportunities impacts our generational wealth evolution

  11. Social effects: lack of solid identity and family structure

We are in the era of global awakening - especially within the Black community. Both Biko and I (Grace) felt the urge to build a tool that shares Black/ African knowledge to support (y)our awakening. Nothing is better than a collaborative social media app that provides qualitative Black contents to learn from the community for the community.

We want to be part of the powerful cultural revolution happening across the globe, and encourage unity, empowerment, and knowledge.

B-Thrive breaks down the Black culture/history in such an easy and fun way to learn and discover more about our Black-Africaness.

Let’s all embark on this generational revolution. Let’s B(lack)-Thrive :)

Join the B-Thrive movement!

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