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Importance of Emotional Wellbeing

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Emotional wellbeing refers to the capability to find the right balance within yourself; It is the sense of being grounded as well as connected to your body, mind, soul. Our daily life, unexpected events, unfortunate situations and daily microaggressions can prevent us from having a stable emotional wellbeing. Therefore, it is vital to look after your emotional wellbeing.

What is the first action that comes to your mind when you feel sad, have low energy, or feel angry?

Impactful events like historical dehumanization, oppression, violence, uncertainty, pandemic, isolation, and society pressure have tremendously effect on our emotional and mental health. These alone should be reasons to provide effective care to Black and Africans. We have been told long enough to cover our pain and emotions with materialistic things in order to comfort ourselves and cover up our pain.

A study conducted by Ward Wiltshire in 2013, showed that some Black and Africans have strong beliefs related to stigma which affects their coping behaviours. "Cohort effects, exposure to mental illness and increased knowledge of mental illness and emotional wellbeing are factors that could potentially change beliefs about self-care”.

The Black community has been doing an amazing job in providing educational contents, toolkits, and (human) resources to emphasize the subject of emotional wellbeing. The below material are tools and approaches that can be used to check-in your emotions, as well as help you develop skills to manage your mental well-being.

  1. Doing some journaling helps to release pain and emotions that could hold you back in the long term. Journaling can be used to support yourself, improve your mood by allowing you to prioritize and face your problems, fears, and concerns. It allows you to identify negative thoughts in order to practice self-love, praise yourself for the positive in your life. (add pic)

  2. Reclaiming your power back by setting boundaries, not only with others but also with yourself. Finally, it is always important to set boundaries FIRST with yourself, we are often too demanding and harsh with ourselves to be perfect when I fact, there is no such things as having a “perfect life”. The creation on boundaries that reflect your goals and values allows you to work on being the best version of yourself. (add pic)

  3. Connect with your inner circle, community, ancestors, and health professional to help with your healing process. (add pic)

  4. Making yourself accountable, grounded, and open to talk to. (add pic)

  5. Take time to identify what triggers the emotional reactions in you? Ask yourself: ** What makes me angry, upset, sad, happy?

** What story am I telling myself to cause these reactions in me?

** What happens to my body when I get sad/angry/etc.?

These are some tools that can help you to pay attention to your body, thoughts, and feelings.

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