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Meet Karen Civil: The Queen of Marketing

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

When talking about entertainment and marketing, there is one name that often comes up: Karen Civil. She is an inspiration and role model to entrepreneurs and an example of how to invest in your personal development while pursuing your passion. Karen is a Haitian-American marketing strategist with clients ranging from entertainers like Lil Wayne and Dr. Dre to politicians like Hillary Clinton.

Civil’s fascinating career journey has taken her from her creating fan sites to becoming one of the most famous brand strategists in the world. She’s consistently transformed her entrepreneurial skills and business to get to where she is today. How did she do it? Commitment, being ready to make sacrifices for your passion, and a willingness to grow, as she has mentioned in several interviews.

She began her marketing and media career in college by developing fan sites for artists such as The Backstreet Boys. Her skilled work and word-of-mouth lead to recommendations and referrals that grew her clientele list. After working with Dj Funkmaster Flex at Radio Hot 97, and later at a record label, she founded her own marketing agency, ‘Always Civil Enterprise,’ in 2008.

While the business initially focused on the Hip Hop industry, she worked with clients from diverse sectors. In addition, she is a dedicated philanthropist, public speaker, music producer, and author of the self-help book “Be you & live Civil: Tools for Unlocking Your potential & Living Your Purpose”.

Follow her Instagram page to get great business and self-development tips that will help your growth and entrepreneurial journey.

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Pic Source: Instagram Page @karencivil

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