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Welcome to B-Thrive (Newsletter #1)

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Greetings B-Thriver,

It is such an honor to have you onboard! We are so excited to write to the most loyal and royal melanated community. We believe our greatness and royalty are inherent and that our only task to reclaim and embody our excellence is by coming together to unite. This is why we (Biko and Grace) created this positive and uplifting platform dedicated to the global Black community. We are two women of African descent living on two different continents, backed by a team of nine individuals located around the globe. B-Thrive was founded to educate and nurture growth during a powerful time of cultural change. This is the era of waking, rising, and thriving!

We are committed to uniting and inspiring Black people around the world to take action towards forward movement and empowerment.

This cultural revolution gives us a chance to re-appreciate and learn about our true selves. In order to encourage unity and restore the wisdom our ancestors left behind, it’s crucial that we understand the diversity and dynamics of our history.

Join us as we reclaim, regenerate, and rebuild our community through love, acceptance, respect, wealth, and collaboration.

Are you ready?

The B-Thrive app is launching this summer!

Click here to sign up for our app waiting list!

Feel free to share this with anyone you feel should join us.

We are thrilled to have you on this journey with us!

Love & Light,

Your B-Thrive team

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