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Cultural Revolution is Now! (Newsletter #3)

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Are you ready to join the cultural revolution? 🤔

If you haven’t noticed the powerful cultural revolution happening across the globe, your head must be in the sand.

We’re in the era of an awakening, and we launched B-Thrive to complement this awakening.

As visionaries, we wanted to take advantage of this time in history and the technology that’s at our fingertips. B-Thrive is the premiere edu-social app designed to put Black culture at the forefront.

From our history, struggles, and accomplishments to what’s awaiting in our future, B-Thrive is dedicated to the cause - uniting, empowering, and inspiring the global Black African community.

Join us and bring your friends and family!

B-Thrive News

To catch up on the latest B-Thrive happenings, visit our blog! B-Thrive creates content about various topics relative to our community - from mental health to Black excellence.

And guess what?

Because of the unique backgrounds of the B-Thrive community, we now have blog posts available in different languages. Aside from English, you’ll find posts in Spanish, Portuguese, and French. 🇪🇸🇫🇷🇵🇹

Cool, right?

And make sure to reach out if you’re interested in becoming a blog contributor or ambassador.

We’re on social too...Catch us on Instagram Live and Clubhouse.

See you there!

B-Thrive Happenings

If you’ve been paying attention, you know the B-Thrive app is on the way; we’re nearly there. But, in order to launch the best first iteration of our app, we have to do a bit of beta testing.

That said, we’ve hit that milestone. We’re currently tightening the nuts and bolts and rounding up our beta testers to evaluate our long awaited app.

We can’t wait to get their feedback...We’ll be one step closer to launching the B-Thrive app to the world! 🌍

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