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Rwanda's environmental success story

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

🗣IT'S TIME! Let’s talk about a different narrative of African countries - one that no longer depicts poverty and conflicts but illustrates impressive economic growth and innovation. Let’s talk about Rwanda! 🇷🇼

Fifteen years after the 1994 genocide, today Rwanda is a rising nation that is stable, innovative and radiating with ambitious determination.

How did a devastated, war-torn country achieve such a remarkable turnaround becoming a promising example of African development?

This exceptional story is largely due to Rwanda’s groundbreaking 🌿environmental initiatives🌿 as part of the country’s ambitious ⭐Vision 2020⭐ national plan, towards sustainable economic development.

Rwanda’s commitment to a clean and healthy environment has been ongoing since 2008 when the country made headlines after becoming one of the first in the world to ban plastic bags while its counterparts in the West only started to impose taxes on plastic.

This has earned Rwanda a reputation of one of the cleanest countries in Africa according to UN Habitat.

As part of its environmentally sustainable path, the nation has undergone major efforts:

☘Protection and restoration of degraded ecosystems such as lakes and natural forests

☘Massive reforestation and tree-planting with the goal of planting millions of trees every year ☘Establishment of the Green Fund: A revolutionary investment fund, the largest of its kind in Africa, that supports the best public and private projects to achieve the country’s vision of a low-carbon and climate-resilient economy by 2050 ☘Prioritizing environment and climate change at the heart of the country’s policies, programmes and legislations – this includes a Green Climate Fund that will drive solar use in East Africa

Through its Vision 2020 target and sustainable environmental plans, Rwanda has achieved the impossible : An average growth rate of more than seven per cent per year since 2000 that has lifted more than one million people out of poverty 💪🏾

Rwanda is now one of the leading African countries in economic growth. While there is still much to be done, one thing is certain - the country is a perfect testimony that the African continent is shaping its own destiny and should be referred to as the “African opportunity” instead of the “African peril".🌍🌅

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