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B-Thrive provides a safe space to connect and learn about Black history, culture, and lifestyle to inspire upward mobility so that we can be our truest, most empowered Black selves. Get Started

Your new favorite web-app is here

We value you and your support through the past years. We have now honor to introduce to you the B-Thrive app. Tell your family and friends about the B-Thrive community! We are here to disrupt the social media and education industry.

Join the community for free. The more members we have, the more B-Thrive will thrive.

How to use B-Thrive web-app

The first version of the app is a webapp which adjust to different devices. All mobile users will have the app version on the phone.

1. Access the website via:

2. Add a shortcut to the app on your phone**

*Android users can use the add app to homescreen button on our page.

**IOS users can access the shortcut option through the safari browser. Access our website and go on the share button and choose the option add to homescreen

B-Thrive is forging the path to a Black collective consisting of African diaspora 🌍We leverage the power of technology to break down barriers that have restricted our connection. Join us today!

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